Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Corned Beef & Cabbage

We had to go a little early with our St. Patrick's celebrating. So last night we left our roots behind and clung to that small strand of Irish blood as we enjoyed Corned Beef & Cabbage.

I keep it really simple.
The Corned Beef (from Trader Joe's) cooked all day on low in the slow cooker with a quartered onion, two carrots, three celery ribs and a big sprig of Thyme.

Later, I pulled the Corned Beef out for a bit and put the carrots and potatoes on the stove in liquid I transferred from the slow cooker. Cored cabbage went in, cut in 1/8th and finally we were ready for the big bowl: Corned Beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage (with lots of butter) and a little side of bread.

It's not a lot of work and I often wonder why I only make it once a year. But here we are. 

I hope you have fun in the kitchen today with or without the Irish focus! And, may the road rise up to meet you!