The Contributors

Jemma - mom, artist, runner, open to all things new, including ideas for improving and refining life, confirmed snacker, seeker of beauty, always brings flowers for the hostess and lives in the SoCal suburbs. She owns CReATE STUDIO (where we all need to go make something).
Tips, Kid food.

- Irish, mom, wife, animal lover, friend, film production, contagious laugh, reduces, recycles and does it all naturally, (much recycling ends up at CReATE STUDIO). Married to an activist, film maker. Couldn't have a meal without bread until she decided not to eat bread. Lives in Topanga Canyon.
Organic shopping and cooking, recipes.

- mama, wife, teacher, loves to read, read, read and knit, knit, knit, loves to cook (except for a couple of weeks out of the year and Thursday nights), lives in snowy Minnesota.
Menu planning, recipes, CSAs, local and seasonal eating.
blog: Young Ones

- Wife, mama, friend, Art Director. Loves watercolor painting, writing, deep conversations.... Lives in NW Iowa. Weekend breakfast, quick nutritious weeknight meals, simple living, home-grown meals and farmers' market finds.
Blog: The Yellow Door Paperie

- wife, mom, reader, writer, editor, UCLA trained, professional chef experience, burns cookies, good at sharing, likes naps and cilantro, enjoys complex and really enjoys simple, lives in the Southern California suburbs a couple of miles from the ocean.
Menu plans, recipes, ideas.
blog: Birds and Seashells

And lots of lovely guest contributors from around the globe. (or, perhaps, from your neighborhood)