Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trader Joe's Compilation Meals

Every now and again all we really want to do is put a few things together for E-Z dinner. Right?
So Trader Joe's has some goodness in the aisles. I'll make it my job to share some compilation dinners from TJs.

This Monday night we had a fun one. There was no school, so right about 1:00 when relaxin' and practicin' and chores were done,  my Dear asked the kids if they wanted to go bowling.  I added, bring a jacket and off we went (surprise!) to Disney's California Adventure for 5 quick rides. (Yes, we invested in passes. Yes, no one was there, but another family from our school. Yes it was fun.)

At the end of the trip, my youngest was begging for a hot dog but I don't really wish to give the mouse empire all of my money, so we headed home for a simple bowl of Trader Joe's Chicken Chili.

Heat it up.

We serve it over the TJ's organic corn chips with a little dollop of organic sour cream and about a teaspoon of (hand) shredded Cheddar. Not a tremendously balanced meal, but just enough - this bowl full of fun.
  • For tex mex taco salad - make your taco salad and pour warm chili on top
  • For chili soup - add chicken stock, additional chicken meat and top with scallions
  • Some like chili mac with noodles
If you aren't making chili from scratch, I really like the Trader Joe's version.
How about you?
What's a super-quick meal at your house?


  1. Ahhh the nearest Trader Joe's is in Omaha... I miss that place!

  2. Trader Joe's Vegetarian Chili (2 cans) spread in the bottom of a casserole dish. Then mix up a box of their cornbread (doctor it with scallions, cheese, or jalepenos if you wish) and spread it on top. Bake for the recommended amount of time on the corn bread box or until the cornbread looks nice and cooked through.

  3. Oh boy! And we may have to send you some chili, Miss Mary!