Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spatchcocked Chicken Night

Heather, Jemma, Joan, Michelle and I can tell you, this was one fun and silly night. This gaggle of gals and dads and kids gathered -  each with our contribution and Jemma's was this quick-to-make chicken. Wonderful, yummy, quick. We also found ourselves mimicking Dan Aykroyd mimicking Julia Child (ah...) in an English accent as we pitched the bird into the oven. I'm quite aware you had to be there. But kitchen fun is worth recalling.

This recipe calls for a whole, spatchcocked chicken. The technique is described in the recipe below, but I'll venture the guess that it can be done with a cut up chicken. Which makes it viable for a weeknight. I'll try it and report. But, you can too.

Served along with: salad, brown rice, dessert. The sauce is very tasty over rice!

Let us know what you like in a comment!

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