Friday, July 20, 2012

A Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty!

Well I have to start with this:  My going-into-8th-grader decided she (who loves math) wasn't going to spend a whole year in pre-Algebra when she gets it. So she plopped a stack of papers down for me to enroll her in a four week concentrated pre-Algebra course at the nearby all girl Catholic high school. Where they were uniforms every day in summer. With saddle shoes. 


Well, it went very well. She loves her very fun, young teacher so much she wanted to make her a Hello Kitty Birthday Cake for the party today. As they review yesterday's final. 


It's all quite good and wonderful and don't you think cake is a great way to finish summer school?

We made this easy by downloading a picture of darling Hello Kitty, making a white on white cake (teacher's favorite) and decorating with rolled fondant. Fondant can be difficult. We had a few challenges, but all in all, my girl stepped in rather fearlessly to decorate and I'm quite thrilled with her outcome.

Care for a bite?

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