Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let's talk about Apples: Pink Pearl

Look at this beauty.

The Pink Pearl is a wonderful, wonderful heirloom apple with a pretty pearly exterior and look, a pink, stripy interior with a tart, crisp bite.

The apple is said to make a pink applesauce. And I can see why. But, I only have two, and when I cut into the first one, it was gone in a flash!

What's not to love? Flavor, texture and the really, the perfect introduction to apple season.

A group of friends and I head up to Riley's Farm in the southern California apple country in Oak Glen this time each year. I don't get to go so, I'm all the more grateful for these babies.

The lovely people at Frieda's tell me that our local Sprouts Market will have lots of heirloom apples coming our way. I have two favorites. The amazing Arkansas Black apple and the Mutzu. So I'm ready to expand my repertoire and see what flavors and textures are coming my way.

Tomorrow or so? King David.

What's your favorite apple?

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