Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guest Contributor - Kathy Soloman - A point of view on dinner and service

Let's face it, some days cooking dinner is fun and some days you don't want to be faced with "what's for dinner?" And there's always someone walking in the door daily with that on their mind!

Well, I am learning in a current Bible Study about being a Proverbs 31 woman and how it is my role to do good. (Prov 31:12) Summing it up within a family: doing good happens by giving. That's my calling.... no matter how I feel any moment. And to top it off later, Prov 31:15 speaks of getting up early to yet...well I'm learning to put it together and to plan my days better. And about that nightly meal, doing whatever I can early in the day to have most of it prepared so doing the final steps won't "throw me over the edge" when I am feeling tired. Hopefully I can take a deep breath and continue to "do good."

In meal prep, I find that if I can simply remember to thaw meat, then we should be fine! Tonight tho, it's a simple meal because we have different people going in all sorts of directions. So I am depending on my Bear Creek soups and trying the vegetable beef version tonight. Along with some warm yeast rolls that bake quickly, dinner will only take about 15 minutes to prepare.

Blessings to any lady out there in role of mom, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, etc. As women we have a great role of "doing good and not harm all the days of our life" if we are filled with wisdom from above.

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