Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Power Cooking Night

I heartily agree with Kerry and everyone else who does a little power cooking. Sometimes I plan mine, ya know, its Saturday, the kiddo's schedules don't demand and I can take a couple of hours in the kitchen to prepare for the meals ahead.

There are times when a cooking night is driven by USE BY dates. And on occasion, the opportunity just presents itself! Last night my girlie's volleyball practice was canceled and my boy's guitar lesson could move, so we came home right after school/work. Ahhh.

I dived right in and the kitchen was suddenly filled with the fragrance of onions sweating in olive oil.
Here's what I prepared:
  • the cut chicken version of Spatchcock Chicken
  • a pot roast
  • Layered Chicken Enchilada's a la my sister - kinda like this recipe (no canned soup here!)
I browned the pot roast and got it in the pan then popped the cut up chicken in a 400 degree oven all dressed up with olive oil, salt, garlic cloves and cherry tomatoes, then, over to the casserole. It took a little over ninety minutes and I'm set for a couple of days. The chicken yielded left-overs for lunch and a snack (I am all for a tasty cold chicken leg for a snack and am offering protein instead of simple carbs at my house.), I'm having some for lunch too. The pot roast will finish tonight when I do step two, placing it in a pan with baby onions, potatoes and carrots, a little beef stock and wine to finish the braise and warm the house. Left overs will be used on taco night. And the layered enchilada business is perfect for Friday night. Leftovers to the freezer!

There's power in the simple nights in the offing!

Ok, share. Do you do power cooking?

I know Kerry does.

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