Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Dinner and Monday Meals

For Sunday Dinner tonight we had mini-turkey meat loaves, cooked in muffin tins.  We rounded things out with garlic mashers and steamed broccoli and carrots.  My kids LOVED this dinner.  Even the girl who usually only eats fruits and veggies.
The mini meat loaves were inspired by a recipe in this adorable cookbook.  Rae Grant of My Little Hen knows kids... she knows what they like to eat, what they like to cook, and even what they like to craft too.  I turned to her cookbook for inspiration and recipes for a few different items on our meal plan.
So here we are... some pretty basic stuff.  We have a lot of comfort food and soups on the menu as we slowly ease into spring.  The hubby will be out of town for a bit so I like to stick with things the kids will really like and stuff that is pretty easy to prepare.  I did a big bread bake yesterday and we are already through a loaf and a half.  Oops!  Here is my favorite honey whole wheat bread recipe.  (For a bigger view of the meal plan, just click on the photo.)

What is on your menu for the next week or two?

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  1. It's so nice to have children involved in the daily task of what to have for dinner. My daughter and I began cooking together when I found a recipe book for kids many years ago. She has loved to cook ever since and it taught her about good eating habits, too. Cooking with one's children can be a wonderful bonding experience. Love Rae's book!


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